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All That Glitters

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Sugar Starr
29 June
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Hi! And welcome to ophelias_lament's Icon Journal!

My "resolution" for 2005 is to master Photoshop 7.

I'm tired of requesting icons and never getting what I really want. So I literally sat down in front of Photoshop on January 1st 2005 (with no prior PS7 experience) and started making icons.

You're welcome to peruse the memories and use whatever icons you like, but the usual rules and icon etiquette apply:


1) Comment!
I like to see which icons other LJ users like.

2) Credit!
In your picture keyword/comment be sure to credit ophelias_lament or ophelias_icons.
Click here to learn how to credit.

Concerning Credit: I am not a credit Nazi, but I greatly appreciate icon credit because a) I took the time to sit down, compose, and create the icon and b) it directs people back to this journal and I would love to have more people to make icons for! If I spot you using an icon of mine w/o credit, I will leave you a comment requesting that you credit me. Across the board - no exceptions, so don't be surprised if you hear from me. I'm not gonna be bitchy and flail and call you an icon thief, but I will call you on it and expect you to correct your icon keywords.

3) Do Not Edit Icons!
That's just rude. Sometimes I can tweak icons by request, so feel free to ask.

4) Do Not Claim My Icons As Your Own!
You may not receive credit for my icons. You may not repost my icons in icon journals or any community and claim them as your own. You may not recreate my icons and claim them as your own (the exception being if you create an icon made from one of my tutorials.)

4) Do Not Hotlink!
I'm just a poor college kid relying on Photo Bucket for my hosting needs. It's free and only takes a second to set up an account of your own. So no excuses.

5) Be Willing to Share!
With other LJ users and especially me. I have the tendency to fall in love with my icons and will use them right along with you all. On that same note please respect the "Do Not Take" tag. You are welcome to take any of my icons and use them (with credit) but if the comment tag reads "Do Not Take," then, uh...don't.

Any questions? View the FAQ
And be sure to check The Memories for past updates!


10000_pixels fuyu_icons jrm_stillness sidledplant swept_off _pianomagic


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

(Affiliates are fun! If you have a quality (doesn't necessarily mean expert) related icon journal and/or website I'd love to trade links. Just leave a comment.)